Your Instructor

Mike Parsons, Chairman of Advisory Board QUALITANCE

Since quitting university after seven weeks, Mike has gone on to achieve remarkable feats. He launched Australia's first internet radio station, lived in Europe and USA, claimed a Guinness Book of Record and sold his Silicon Valley Startup.

Case Study: Zoom

Join anywhere, on any device. Zoom delivers streamlined enterprise-grade video conferencing from desktop to mobile.

Case Study: Zoom

Course Curriculum

• On the way to Zoomtopia
• Part 1. Product
• Part 2. People
• Part 3. Promotion
• Part 4. Profit
Case Study: Zoom


Let's explore why Zoom has emerged as a leader in online conferencing and virtual meetings and why growing numbers of people are adopting it.

Goals of the Course

Dive into the business of Zoom video and find out all the things we can learn and adopt some of their winning strategies to create a successful company.

  • Look at quick growth and performance

  • How to retain quality and scale

  • The famous 4 'P's

  • The important of analysing successful companies