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Mike Parsons, Chairman of Advisory Board QUALITANCE

Since quitting university after seven weeks, Mike has gone on to achieve remarkable feats. He launched Australia's first internet radio station, lived in Europe and USA, claimed a Guinness Book of Record and sold his Silicon Valley Startup.

Growth Marketing Masterclass

The end objective, whilst hard to achieve, is a healthy growing product and business.

Course Curriculum

• Definition: A blend of many things
• Background and context
• Where it fits in the product journey
• 1. Awareness
• 2. Acquisition
• 3. Activation
• 4. Revenue
• 5. Retention
• 6. Referral
• Growth Teams
• 78 slides/ 61 mins video
Product and marketing integration

Get Growth Happening!

Product and Marketing

Growth is always a proxy for a product experience that delights it's users, which is a feeling that we all want, as both user or creator.

Goals of the Growth Marketing Masterclass

This masterclass dives into full funnel marketing practices

  • Understand the full funnel

  • Master conversion and what you measure

  • Become data-informed

  • Build a Growth Team